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Why I want to help...


I’ve been without hair and eyebrows for several years due to a permanent hair loss disorder.  Once I realized that the hair fairy was not coming to my house, I began to obsess about finding solutions to help me look my best and to help me look as natural as possible in affordable wigs.  I have purchased more wigs than a reasonable woman would purchase (scary numbers in fact).  Therefore, I have learned much on the subject such as:  places to shop, comfort options, and how to trim the wigs to make them fit the face for a realistic look.


I started helping others when co-workers and friends would come to me for advice for either a friend or for themselves because they were about to lose their hair from chemotherapy.  I eventually provided this help in other ways:  I designed my “Lessons Learned” brochure that I give to local cancer centers; I volunteer in the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good . . . Feel Better” workshops; I speak at local cancer events and at a local school for budding hair stylists.  Also, I was employed at Tacoma, Washington’s Breast Cancer Resource Center where I could help women on a daily basis.

My Mission

I provide this help and information in hopes of making it easier for women facing the surreal and daunting experience of hair loss.  The information provided here is not all-inclusive regarding your options, rather, it is about my preferences and lessons learned.