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The following are wig solutions and lessons I have learned that I love to share.  It covers everything from wig purchase, wig care, comfort, fit and lots more!!  I can also answer your questions during your free consultation.

  • I prefer synthetic hair wigs in a monofilament cap construction or 100% hand-tied cap construction for comfort and a realistic look.  Synthetic hair has style memory.  With proper care, a synthetic hair wig will return to its original style after washing.  Monofilament and hand-tied wigs have a realistic scalp appearance so that the hair will appear as though it is growing from your scalp and allowing you to part your hair in any direction.  Synthetic wigs cost about $50-$800 in a wig store and the price varies because of cap construction, synthetic hair quality, and designer brand.  I know!  Way to narrow it down, huh?  I will just say that I find you can buy a nice monofilament wig in the Tacoma/Seattle area for $175-$300.  This is the cost range that I have been paying.
  • Most synthetic wigs are NOT heat resistant.  They will frizz and melt.  Do not open a door to a heated oven while wearing a synthetic wig.  The initial heat blast can damage your wig.  One of my clients put a bright ribbon on her oven door as a visual reminder.  I think the idea is pure genius!
  • Do not use a blow dryer or hair irons on a synthetic wig (a few synthetic wigs are designed for low heat instruments).  Remember that synthetic wigs have style memory so you won’t need these tools.  Finally, do NOT place your wig in the dryer!  Yeah, I did that!  Please reserve your judgment on my level of intelligence.
  • Wigs look their realistic best when trimmed and/or thinned to the wearer’s face and when the wig is a proper size.  Some wig salons will provide cutting and sizing services and include it in the cost of the wig, some may charge a fee, and some may not provide the service at all and you will need to find some place that will cut your wig for you.
  • It is my experience that wigs for hairless women look best with full bangs or fringe to hide the edge of the cap.  Some wigs have 'lace-front' design to alleviate the appearance of a harsh edge.  Some wigs have tapered side-burns that help hide the edge when placing hair behind your ears.  If the wig does not have side-burns, many wigs can support a trim in that area to provide fringe.  Some wigs look funny behind the ears and it is just best for believability to wear the wig straight down the way it was designed to be worn.
  • To calm stray synthetic hair you can use any or all of the following techniques: Wet the hair and use Velcro rollers to amp up flattened curves or curls.  Do not use roller clips as it will leave a permanent mark in the hair.  To calm wild, stray hairs, wet the wig, use wig hair spray to matt it down, let it dry.  If the above two methods do not work, add steam to the process.  You can use a garment steamer or the steam from your iron, but, do not let the iron touch the wig.  If you are wearing wigs for life, like me, you might want purchase a wig steamer or take your wigs to your local wig expert for problem-solving.
  • There are products to aid with wig comfort. They are: gel strips, cotton liners (you can wet the liner for a cooling effect), and a product called Headline It. These products are sold on the websites I have listed in My Preferences.  I have a home-made remedy for comfort that I use.  I have yet to patent my idea so I can not divulge my secrets here.  Clients that come to my salon will benefit from my secret as it is included in my consulting.  Also, I encourage you to think outside of the box and devise any remedy you can imagine.
  • Using the advised hair care products formulated for synthetic wigs will help to keep from damaging the wig with product build up.
  • Wigs can be sized smaller or stretched bigger.  Of course it is wise to purchase a wig with a close fit from the start.  Some wig designers offer sizes.  A good source for sized wigs (and hats) can be found at the TLC website in My Preferences.  Make sure you ask your wig sales person questions if you do not feel a wig fits well. Usually, they can offer information or help with a sizing solution.
  • Wig tape is a wonderful solution to keep your wig securely in place if you do not have hair.  It helps to keep the wig in place, and therefore, it helps to prevent odd placement which can be an odd look.  I actually put the tape on my head (not on the wig) and I find that it works well with most wig types.  I have not found that I need to have “tape tabs” on the wig. However, tape probably will not work well on open-cap construction wigs.  Bobbi-pins work to hold the wig in place for women who have hair.
  • Head-On is a drug store cooling agent in the form of a roll-on gel and it is used for headache sufferers.  I will use it on my head on hot days and spray the inside of my wig with water to add to the cooling affect.  Of course, use caution with any drug store product and test yourself for allergies.  If you are in chemotherapy treatment, your skin may be more sensitive than normal.  Use both wig tape and Head-On with caution.
  • You will look like you are wearing a wig if your own hair peeks out and does not match in cut or color.  Also, keep your wig’s ear tabs smoothed down.  Most ear tabs have wire in them so that you can bend them toward your face.
  • I have found that shorter styles are easier to keep in place and off your collar; therefore, they do not tend to matt as easily.  The matting can be a dead give away that you are wearing a wig.  Longer wigs will damage quickly and need to be replaced more often than short wigs.  Short styles work well for active lifestyles and when doing sports involving momentum, and also, work well for windy weather conditions.  I have worn shorter styles with dense hair with lots of wig tape for swimming.  Granted, I am not an athlete that swims daily, but this has worked great when I am on vacation.
  • Heads-up, you can lose your taped on wig while wearing it in big waves and surf!  LOL J Yeah – I’ve done that too! It was funny because that day I noticed I had a male admirer on the beach.  Then when the Tsunami took my wig in a nano-second, he came out into the water to see what happened.  I wanted to laugh and say, “How do you like me now?”  Anyway, I did not say it – just thought it and I laugh about it to this very day.
  • If you purchase a wig from a website, it will probably cost less than a store purchased wig.  However, on-line website purchasing can be risky with no refunds, offering only exchange fees and/or restocking fees.  Make sure you understand the return and exchange policy.